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Welcome to Craterz.com!

This is my little web/photo-blog site, and whatever else I want to use it for. I thought I would put this site up to share some photos and stories I both experience and hear during my travels around the world. I am very fortunate that I have a professional position that allows me to go to many countries to experience, first-hand, different cultures. Something I would highly recommend to anyone to do at least once. Anyway, photography is something I've always been interested in and I've recently purchased a very nice DSLR camera, at least in my meager opinion. If you don't agree that it's a nice DSLR... fine... whatever... keep it to yourself. Anyway. Turns out most of the pictures taken will be archectural type subjects, scenic areas (rural and otherwise) as well as nature shots, but there will also be other subjects as well.

Not to mention it's a great place for me to have access to that I can put stuff where I can later get from any internet connected device I own. Very handy at times. Yeah, MSN, Google, and others provide "cloud" space for nothing. I am rather comfortable with my own space that doesn't track my internet activities and gear ad's to suit what I do on the internet.

From time to time, I may feel a need to vent on various issues and topics about things that are happening here in the US of A. Well... I may not be "here" at this time, but you understand what I mean. Or I may vent on subject matter that I have to deal with in whatever country I happen to be visiting at this (or that) time. 

If, by chance, you don't agree with my opinions on todays goings-on in the world. Tough. This IS MY site, bought and paid for by ME. Your opinion will mean very little here at Craterz.com. I'll be happy to have civil discussions with anyone. Beyond that, end of discussion. <-- note the period. If you're looking for somewhere to vent, go setup your own website or go cry at one of the many public forums. Why am I telling you these type of things? Some of these topics may be political in nature, and there are political whacko's coming out of the woodwork lately (or seems like it to me). There could also be a possibility of religous topics as well. Far too often political (especially in these trying times) and religous topics turn into heated arguements instead of a civil discussion. So I am saying this things upfront, to put it simply... My site, my topics, my rules!

Okay... with that said... once again... Welcome! to my little corner of the www. If you enjoy it, great. If you don't, piss off and go somewhere else cheeky .

If you feel like joining Craterz.com, just click on the Register link under the Login area. At this time, all registrations are strictly approved by me. Contributions in the form of photography would also be welcome!

So have a look around and come back from time to time. New content will be put up all the time, or as I have time.