has been idle long enough!

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Over the last few years, has been severely neglected. It was always meant to be a personal blog, however the personal time and access has been limited. To say the least. In the coming weeks will undergo a major upgrade. How quickly this will happen is strictly dependent on how much time Craterz has to devote to this endeavor, and within that personal time... how much access to the necessary upgrades is available. Craterz travels to various countries around the world and many of those countries has limited access to all things considered the "interwebz", or the great "www".

There are a few new technologies and interests, not to mention a ton of pictures, that have recently been piqued. Not only recently, but in the past as well. But limited access to this very blog has been limited. When access was available, there was no personal time to dedicate to this personal project.

Hopefully this will change in the near future!